Learn to Swim with Excel Aquatics!

Triathlon Swim Practice 11/6

Another Wednesday brings us another triathlon swim practice. Today we will be focusing on isolating our pull and kick, then bringing it all together for full Freestyle.

Triathlon Swim Practice 10/30

Today’s practice focuses on 4 blocks for the main set, alternating between longer repeats and speed work!

New adult swim lesson format!

Over the past few years, Excel Aquatics has experienced significant growth in all of the programs we offer, but one program in particular that has recently gained momentum is our adult swim lessons at the College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY.

Tri Swim Practice 10/9

A little ladder variation is today’s theme for swim practice-enjoy!

Triathlon Swim Practice 9/25

Week 3 of our posted swim practices is upon us…..as we are getting back in shape, keep in mind that stroke changes and fitness go hand in hand.

Tri Swim Practice 9/18

About midway through September, here is another tri swim practice, focusing on ending swims with a bit of speed, along with alternating intensity on repeats.