Come Swim with Excel Aquatics!

Water Safety for Children

Water safety is important for children and adults. Here are ways our programs in Albany and Schenectady NY help promote water safety, and tips for home!

4 Tips for Breathing when Swimming Freestyle

Breathing while swimming Freestyle is a skill! Here are 4 tips to help triathlon and competitive swimmers become more effective at breathing while training.

Sculling for Swimmers

Sculling is a drill used by competitive swimmers to help them develop a feel of the pressure in the water. Here is a breakdown of the how and why!

Pre-competitive Swim Training at Excel Aquatics

Introduce your young swimmers to competitive swimming without the commitment to a swim team. Learn more about Excel Aquatics Pre-Competitive Swim Training Programs here!

Dryland Considerations for Replacing the Pool

In this blog post, we discuss the factors that play a role when creating a dryland workout program to replace the pool, and what to consider when trying to stay in shape for swimming.

Dolphin Kick: The elusive 5th stroke

Dolphin kick in competitive swimming has almost become a “5th stroke”, providing an additional dimension to racing. Whether in short course yards or long course meters, having a strong underwater dolphin kick can be a game changer, but needs to be properly and consistently trained. Here are three ways we utilize training principles of race pace training with improving our underwater here at Excel Aquatics.

Triathlon and Competitive Swim Videos!

Excel Aquatics is excited to begin creating videos for our YouTube channel! Even though the pools are currently shutdown, this does not mean we cannot look to improve from an educational standpoint, and make changes to our swim training once it starts back up.

Recap of Global Business Education Initiative at LaSalle Institute

Last Monday, March 9th 2020, Excel Aquatics had the opportunity to participate in the Global Business Education Initiative (GBEI) at LaSalle Institute in Troy NY. This conference was a phenomenal experience that included businesses from around the world, students and staff at LaSalle, as well as some LaSalle alumni from within the Capital Region.