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February 2019 BellyFlop Newsletter!

Excel Aquatics’ February 2019 BellyFlop Newsletter! Spring 2019 session information, new learn to swim schedule, tri swim news, and more!

Tri Swim 2/6

Today’s practice focuses on breathing patterns and descending rest intervals. Enjoy!

Tri Swim 1/30

It’s cold outside, but about to even colder tomorrow. Here is a practice to help warm up your body and mind.

Tri Swim 1/23

Here is a mid week practice for those looking to add another swim…

Tri Swim Practice 1/16

Here is a swim practice to help get you through the week…. WU-300 as 50 Fr/25 Drill x 4 8×75 on rest :20 as- 1-2: Freestyle breathing every 3 strokes 3-4: 25 Fr/25 eyes up Fr/25 Fr (middle 25, watch your catch and the direction of your fingertips) 5-6: 25 Kick/50 Fr 7-8: Build each…
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Tri Swim Practice 1/9

Here is a practice blending an emphasis of pull, kick, and full stroke at varying speeds and intensities…. WU-175 Fr/25 Kick/125 Fr/25 Kick/75 Fr/25 Kick/25 Fr/25 Kick **The kick may be either either one arm or both arms leading** 6×25 Fr on rest :20 as 1-Freestyle with a soft kick 2-Freestyle with a moderate kick…
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January 2nd Swim Practice

Happy New Year! Let’s kick off the new year the right way with a solid, simple, and effective tri swim practice… WU-200 Fr/200 Kick/swim by 25/200 Pull/Swim by 50 Pre-set 2x: 2×75 Fr as 25 drill/50 swim on rest :20 3×50 Fr descend 1-3 on rest :20 **As you speed up, but sure to focus…
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Final Swim Practice of 2018

Well swimmers we’ve made it…..here is the final Excel swim practice for 2018. Enjoy! WU-400 Fr-every 4th 25 your choice drill Primary 200 Fr (get time) + 50 EZ on rest :20 150 Fr (get time) + 50 EZ on rest :20 100 Fr (get time) + 50 EZ on rest :20 50 Fr (get…
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Swim Practice 12/19-active rest and fast pace

Our second to last swim practice of the year! A very brief warm up and fast primary makes for a different challenge in terms of structure and focus WU-400 swim as 150 Fr/50 drill x 2 Primary 3x [150 Fr + 50 EZ on rest :30] **Descend the 150s 1-3. Use the section of the…
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12/12 Tri Swim Practice

Here is a fun play on today’s date for a swim practice… WU-300 Fr 12×25 on rest :15 alternate swim/kick/pull by 25 3×100 Fr as 75 build/25 uptempo on rest :20 Primary 4×100 Fr descend 1-4 on rest :20 **Goal here is to descend by 2 seconds per 100 100 Active Recovery with a purpose…
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