Learn to Swim with Excel Aquatics!

Swim Practice 4/17

Shorter repeats and descending is the name of the game for this week’s swim practice!

Tri Swim Practice 4/10

Second April swim practice of 2019! Who is ready for some 25s….?

Tri Swim 4/3

The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and swimmers are training hard! Here is a practice to help you finish off the week.

Warm(er) weather swim practice

Enjoy today’s practice, dreaming of warmer weather and great things to come this summer…..

Tri Swim 3/13

Here is a mid week swim to push us through the middle of March-

Triathlon Swim Practice 3/6

Spring is in the air! In a couple of weeks all of the snow will have melted, and there will only be sunshine and rainbows in upstate New York. Here is a swim practice to help get us there!

Triathlon Swim Practice 2/20

Work off some of those Valentines day sweets with this practice. The primary focuses on various ways to change speeds within a swim…enjoy!

Tri Swim Practice 2/13

Pre-Valentines Day gift for everyone following our swim practices: