Come Swim with Excel Aquatics!

Recap of Global Business Education Initiative at LaSalle Institute

Last Monday, March 9th 2020, Excel Aquatics had the opportunity to participate in the Global Business Education Initiative (GBEI) at LaSalle Institute in Troy NY. This conference was a phenomenal experience that included businesses from around the world, students and staff at LaSalle, as well as some LaSalle alumni from within the Capital Region.

Triathlon Swim Practice 3/12

Just because we have a formal practice cancellation, does not mean we cannot train.

Smile, you’re on camera! The how and why we offer video work with our swimmers.

As technology has evolved, so have some solutions to training aides and methods within the sport of swimming. Specifically, underwater video analysis is a great tool that provides swimmers with visual feedback (to go along with kinesthetic feedback and feel), helping to add another dimension when making technical changes and advancements.

Triathlon Swim Practice 1/22

After surviving the first snow storm of 2020, here is swim practice to help us celebrate and prepare ourselves for the next inevitable snow fall!

Triathlon Swim Practice 1/8

Six 200s for our triathlon swimmers is the meat and potatoes of our primary set. Controlling speed is (of course) a main objective, as well as sprinkling in a bit of speed work to round out a work hard Wednesday!

Thank you for a great 2019!

After such an amazing year at Excel Aquatics, we wanted to cap off some of our favorite memories with 9 photos to cap off 2019. 

Final Tri Swim Practice of 2019

With the end of 2019 here, and the start of 2020, here is a final swim practice for everyone who helped make this past year the best one yet!

Tri Swim Practice 12/18

With the year winding down, be sure to stay consistent with your swim training! Consistency is key when it comes to both short and long term improvement….

Tri Swim Practice 12/11

Here is a practice focusing on Freestyle drill resets between the blocks of our primary.

Triathlon Swim Practice 12/4/19

With the first big snow of the season (about 2 feet!!!) in the Albany area, here is a ’24’ inspired swim practice…