Triathlon Swim Practice 2/20

Work off some of those Valentines day sweets with this practice. The primary focuses on various ways to change speeds within a swim…enjoy!

Practice 7/18-Build, stroke count, and FAST

WU-200 Fr-100 pull-100 kick 8×25 Fr on rest :15 alt 25 perfect stroke (slow and easy)/25 uptempo 50 Fr EZ on rest :30 6×25 Fr on rest :15 as 25 drill/25 perfect stroke/25 uptempo 50 Fr EZ 4×25 descend 1-4 Primary (2 rounds) [1700] 150 Fr pull on rest :20 (build by 50) 100 Fr…
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Build your distance and speed practice, 6/6

In today’s practice, we will be focusing on descending, while also increasing the repeat distances swum over the course of the primary set. Enjoy! WU-200 Fr/100 pull 4×100 Fr on rest :30-rotating drill; choose a drill that works best for our current needs, and swim each 100 as- 1st 100-75 Fr/25 drill 2nd-50 Fr/25 drill/25…
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