Sculling for Swimmers

Sculling is a drill used by competitive swimmers to help them develop a feel of the pressure in the water. Here is a breakdown of the how and why!

Tri Swim Practice 12/11

Here is a practice focusing on Freestyle drill resets between the blocks of our primary.

Triathlon Swim Practice 12/4/19

With the first big snow of the season (about 2 feet!!!) in the Albany area, here is a ’24’ inspired swim practice…

Tri Swim Practice 10/9

A little ladder variation is today’s theme for swim practice-enjoy!

Tri Swim Practice, June 12th

Another Wednesday, another swim practice. Today we will be focusing on condensing our rest interval while holding a consistent pace.

Tri Swim 5/29

Last Wednesday swim in May….here we go!

Tri Swim Practice 5/22-Final Countdown

Open water swim season is practically upon us. Here is one more practice to help in the final preparation stages of training.

Triathlon Swim Practice May 1st

We’re ready to kick off May the right way….today’s triathlon swim practice focuses on steady descends over varying distances.

Tri Swim Practice 4/24

Happy Wednesday! Some odd distances in today’s practice will help us make it to the endgame….