Triathlon Swim Practice 1/22

After surviving the first snow storm of 2020, here is swim practice to help us celebrate and prepare ourselves for the next inevitable snow fall!

Tri Swim Practice 5/8

Welcome to the second practice in May. With open water season really close (no snow/ice=open water to train in) here is a practice focusing on longer repeats.

Tri Swim 1/23

Here is a mid week practice for those looking to add another swim…

Tri Swim 11/14-Winter is here….?

Today’s practice is dedicated to the first (sort of) snow of the year….be sure to get this practice in before the next snow hits tomorrow! WU-50Fr/100Fr/150Fr/200Fr on rest :30/:20/:10/- 3 rounds of: 4×25 Fr on rest :20 as 1-Kick 2-Right arm only 3-Left arm only 4-Full Freestyle   **For these 25s focus on keeping the…
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