Triathlon Swim Practice 1/8

Six 200s for our triathlon swimmers is the meat and potatoes of our primary set. Controlling speed is (of course) a main objective, as well as sprinkling in a bit of speed work to round out a work hard Wednesday!

Triathlon Swim Practice 11/6

Another Wednesday brings us another triathlon swim practice. Today we will be focusing on isolating our pull and kick, then bringing it all together for full Freestyle.

Tri Swim Practice 9/18

About midway through September, here is another tri swim practice, focusing on ending swims with a bit of speed, along with alternating intensity on repeats.

First Fall swim practice post!

Starting off the new swim season, here is a triathlon swim practice to help you adjust to life back in the water….

Tri Swim Practice 5/8

Welcome to the second practice in May. With open water season really close (no snow/ice=open water to train in) here is a practice focusing on longer repeats.

Tri Swim Practice 1/9

Here is a practice blending an emphasis of pull, kick, and full stroke at varying speeds and intensities…. WU-175 Fr/25 Kick/125 Fr/25 Kick/75 Fr/25 Kick/25 Fr/25 Kick **The kick may be either either one arm or both arms leading** 6×25 Fr on rest :20 as 1-Freestyle with a soft kick 2-Freestyle with a moderate kick…
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Spooky Swim Practice 10/31

Happy Halloween! Here is a little trick and treat in today’s swim practice…. WU- 100 Fr on rest :20 200 Pull on rest :20 200 Kick/Swim by 25 on rest :30 100 Fr 3x {4×25 Fr as odd 25s-right arm only; even 25s-left arm only on rest :20 {2×50 Fr on rest :15, descend 1-2…
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Tri Swim Practice 10/17-Let’s pull

Happy 10/17! Today’s primary set is going to revolve around some Freestyle pulling and a lot of speed variant swimming…. WU-300 Fr 8×25 Fr on rest :20 alt 25 drill/25 Fr 50 Fr EZ 6×25 Fr on rest :20 alt 25 kick/25 Fr 50 Fr EZ 4×25 Fr descend 1-4 50 Fr EZ   Primary…
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Lots of numbers (swim practice)!

Lots of numbers and intervals in today’s practice…..for the primary, be sure to go long and smooth on the pulls, and push the 25s. The incremental rest on the 25s should allow for a greater effort as the rounds continue. WU-400 Fr 4×125 Fr as 50 choice drill + 75 Fr build on rest :20…
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