4 Tips for Breathing when Swimming Freestyle

Breathing while swimming Freestyle is a skill! Here are 4 tips to help triathlon and competitive swimmers become more effective at breathing while training.

Triathlon Swim Practice 1/8

Six 200s for our triathlon swimmers is the meat and potatoes of our primary set. Controlling speed is (of course) a main objective, as well as sprinkling in a bit of speed work to round out a work hard Wednesday!

Tri Swim Practice 4/10

Second April swim practice of 2019! Who is ready for some 25s….?

Tri Swim 2/6

Today’s practice focuses on breathing patterns and descending rest intervals. Enjoy!

Tri Swim Practice 1/16

Here is a swim practice to help get you through the week…. WU-300 as 50 Fr/25 Drill x 4 8×75 on rest :20 as- 1-2: Freestyle breathing every 3 strokes 3-4: 25 Fr/25 eyes up Fr/25 Fr (middle 25, watch your catch and the direction of your fingertips) 5-6: 25 Kick/50 Fr 7-8: Build each…
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Rainy day swim practice 6/27

Another Wednesday, another practice. Here is one dedicated to the rainy weather for this week… WU-300 Fr 2x {6×25 alt drill/swim by 25 on rest :20 {3×50 as 12.5 drill (same as above)/37.5 Fr on rest :20 **You may change drills from round 1 to round 2** Primary 3×150 Pull, negative split by 75 on…
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Practice 5/30/18…alternating long/short with some drills

WU-400 Fr negative split 6×50 drill/swim by 25 on rest :20 2×200 Fr negative split on rest :30 12×25 Fr easy/medium/fast/drill by 25 on rest :15 **For the negative splits, only speed up the second half of each swim slightly. You should not be tired by the end of each negative split swim** Primary (2…
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Building Blocks Practice 5/23

For today’s practice, enjoy a build up set, which is essentially a “forced” descend of a desired distance. WU-400 Fr 4×100 Fr on rest :20 as 1-25 uptempo/75 EZ 2-25 EZ/25 uptempo/50 EZ 3-50EZ/25 uptempo/25 EZ 4-75 EZ/25 uptempo 16×25 Fr on rest :15 descend 1-4 (x4) Primary (Building blocks to a 200) 6×200 Fr…
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Tri Swim Practice 5/2

On this BEAUTIFUL Wednesday, here is a swim practice to help you push through the rest of the week! WU-50Fr/25 Kick/100 Fr/25 Kick/150 Fr/25 Kick/200 Fr/25 Kick Primary 100 Fr on rest :20+ 25 Fr (count strokes) uptempo on rest :10 100 Fr on rest :20+ 2×25 Fr (count strokes) uptempo on rest :10 100 Fr…
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Tri Swim Practice 4/25

On this rainy Spring day, here is a tri swim practice to bring a little bit of sunshine into your training- WU-4×100 Fr on rest :20 **Build the last 25 of each 100 to a strong 6 beat kick** Primary 2×175 as 100 long/75 build on rest :20 4×50 on rest :30 as 1-25 Fast/25…
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