Triathlon Swim Practice 3/12

Just because we have a formal practice cancellation, does not mean we cannot train.

Tri Swim Practice 12/11

Here is a practice focusing on Freestyle drill resets between the blocks of our primary.

Tri Swim Practice 10/9

A little ladder variation is today’s theme for swim practice-enjoy!

First Fall swim practice post!

Starting off the new swim season, here is a triathlon swim practice to help you adjust to life back in the water….

Tri Swim 5/29

Last Wednesday swim in May….here we go!

Tri Swim Practice 4/24

Happy Wednesday! Some odd distances in today’s practice will help us make it to the endgame….

Tri Swim Practice 2/13

Pre-Valentines Day gift for everyone following our swim practices:

Super pull practice 5/16

With wetsuit season coming, today’s practice is an emphasis on pulling, and learning to focus on tempo when looking to increase speeds and change gears. WU-4×100 Fr on rest :30; every 4th 25 build 4×50 Fr as 25 kick/25 swim on rest :20 4×25 descend 1-4 rest :15 4×50 Fr as 25 drill/25 swim on…
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Swim Practice 4/11-Elevator Set

Today’s main set is known as an elevator set-similar to a ladder, you start at one end of a pattern and work your way through, but here you will go back to the top floor four times, changing how far down you go each time… WU-150 Fr/100 Kick/ 50 Fr Primary 200 as 100 pull/100…
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