Tri Swim Practice 12/18

With the year winding down, be sure to stay consistent with your swim training! Consistency is key when it comes to both short and long term improvement….

Tri Swim Practice 6/20-alternating speed and control

Here is a triathlon swim practice for 6/20 focusing on alternating speed with controlled swims. WU-50 Fr-100 Fr-150 Fr-200 Fr on rest :20/:15/:10/- 8×50 on rest :30 alternating as odds-kick/swim and evens-drill/swim. Be sure to pick a drill that relates to you! 3×100 on rest :20 as 75 build/5 seconds rest/25 uptempo Primary 2x {25…
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Efficiency by tracking stroke count and time

Today’s practice focuses on efficiency by tracking both stroke count and time in the primary set. WU-300 as 50 Fr/50 Kick/50 pull x2 Primary 100s efficiency challenge 3 sets of 3×100 Fr on rest :20 1-3: Count strokes, try and be within 1-2 strokes on each 100 4-6: Get time, try and be within 1-2…
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Swim Practice January 31st-Controllable Progress

Many times in the sport of swimming, it is very easy to get overwhelmed when focusing too much on times and looking past the other avenues of improvement that are within your control on a daily basis. By looking at each practice one at a time, and setting small goals within, improvement can become much…
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