Triathlon Swim Practices Resource!

With swimming pools beginning to reopen in the Capital District, and open swim times becoming more and more frequency, we here at Excel Aquatics feel that it is important to provide swimmers with some direction as they kick start their indoor pool training!

Triathlon Swim Practice 3/12

Just because we have a formal practice cancellation, does not mean we cannot train.

Triathlon Swim Practice 1/22

After surviving the first snow storm of 2020, here is swim practice to help us celebrate and prepare ourselves for the next inevitable snow fall!

Triathlon Swim Practice 11/20

8 days until Thanksgiving means we have to ramp up our swim practice training to ensure we have enough room for Turkey!!!

Triathlon Swim Practice 9/25

Week 3 of our posted swim practices is upon us… we are getting back in shape, keep in mind that stroke changes and fitness go hand in hand.

January 2nd Swim Practice

Happy New Year! Let’s kick off the new year the right way with a solid, simple, and effective tri swim practice… WU-200 Fr/200 Kick/swim by 25/200 Pull/Swim by 50 Pre-set 2x: 2×75 Fr as 25 drill/50 swim on rest :20 3×50 Fr descend 1-3 on rest :20 **As you speed up, but sure to focus…
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11/28-practicing by definition

According to Google Dictionary: Practice (verb)-perform (an activity) or exercise (a skill) repeatedly or regularly in order to improve or maintain one’s proficiency Today let’s make sure that the practice is focused on improving two aspects of your swimming. This could be technical, time based, attitude, etc, but set two goals, execute, and enjoy 🙂…
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Tri Swim Practice 11/7

Alternating is the name of the game in today’s practice… WU-150 Fr/50 Pull/100 Fr/50 Pull/50 Fr/50 Pull 6x50s alternate 25 kick (no board)/25 Fr on rest :30 **This is for those who attend our Sunday technical classes at Albany Academy 🙂 Primary 10x50s Fr as: odds-Uptempo on rest :05 (yes that is a 5, and…
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Triathlete Swim Practice for 10/24

Today’s swim practice is a little bit different as of late-the first part of practice focuses more on kicking and its application into the whole stroke, while the second part of practice focuses on consistency among repeats in a set. The first part of practice will most likely be slightly more challenging than usual, while…
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