Tri Swim Practice 12/18

With the year winding down, be sure to stay consistent with your swim training! Consistency is key when it comes to both short and long term improvement….

Three Announcements!

We have three brief announcements/reminders moving forward into this extended holiday weekend- 1. There are no Excel programs scheduled from 11/20-11/25. We hope that everyone enjoys their time away from the pool, and we look forward to seeing everyone again next week! 2. We will once again be offering our 15/15 referral program! In this…
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Tri swim practice 8/29

In today’s Tri swim practice, we will be working on controlled pacing in three separate ‘blocks’. The first two blocks will have a short pace segment (50s) sandwiching a slightly longer controlled swim, while the third block will be a basic descend to finish off the practice. In between the blocks are active recoveries. WU-300…
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Broken Descends

WU-200 Fr 4 rounds of: 100 Fr on rest :20 50 kick on rest :30 **Kick may be either with or without a board** 12×25 Fr build the evens on rest :15 Primary (extended broken swim) x4 **The goal of this main set is to maintain the same ‘broken’ 250 time even as your rest…
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Final (posted) practice of 2017

Here is a final posted practice to bring in the new year! WU-4×100 alt odds Fr, evens pull on rest :15 2x {3×50 pull, lower stroke count each 50 on rest :15 {4×25 Freestyle, soft kick/fast kick by 25 on rest :15 Primary 4×100 Fr on rest :20 as 1 fast, 3 long and relaxed…
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11/29 Tri Swim Practice

Multi-tier main set for today-first a little alternating speed work, followed by some pace work to finish up practice. Enjoy 🙂 WU-200 Fr 2 x {2×100 Fr on Rest :20 (lengthen out, finishing past your hips) { 3×50 Fr Kick/Swim by 25 on Rest :20 Primary (Part I) 3 rounds: 4×25 alt rest :10 and…
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Math Blaster Practice

Today’s practice involves some clock work and math…always good to break a mental sweat as well as a physical one! WU-200 Fr 4×50 Kick/swim by 25 on rest :30 3×100 Fr as 75 build/5 seconds rest/25 uptempo on rest :20 Primary 500 Fr (400, get time + 100) on rest :20 400 Fr (300, get…
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