Final Tri Swim Practice of 2019

With the end of 2019 here, and the start of 2020, here is a final swim practice for everyone who helped make this past year the best one yet!

Tri Swim Practice 9/18

About midway through September, here is another tri swim practice, focusing on ending swims with a bit of speed, along with alternating intensity on repeats.

January 2nd Swim Practice

Happy New Year! Let’s kick off the new year the right way with a solid, simple, and effective tri swim practice… WU-200 Fr/200 Kick/swim by 25/200 Pull/Swim by 50 Pre-set 2x: 2×75 Fr as 25 drill/50 swim on rest :20 3×50 Fr descend 1-3 on rest :20 **As you speed up, but sure to focus…
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Triathlete Swim Practice for 10/24

Today’s swim practice is a little bit different as of late-the first part of practice focuses more on kicking and its application into the whole stroke, while the second part of practice focuses on consistency among repeats in a set. The first part of practice will most likely be slightly more challenging than usual, while…
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Tri Swim Practice 10/17-Let’s pull

Happy 10/17! Today’s primary set is going to revolve around some Freestyle pulling and a lot of speed variant swimming…. WU-300 Fr 8×25 Fr on rest :20 alt 25 drill/25 Fr 50 Fr EZ 6×25 Fr on rest :20 alt 25 kick/25 Fr 50 Fr EZ 4×25 Fr descend 1-4 50 Fr EZ   Primary…
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Tri Swim Practice 10/10

Another Wednesday, another swim practice! Enjoy this 80+ degree October day the right way…..with swimming. WU-300 Fr/200 Pull/ 100 Kick 4×75 Fr as 25 kick/50 Fr on rest :20 **Be sure to control your legs throughout each 75 Primary 200 Fr on rest :25-last 50 FAST 150 Fr on rest :20-last 50 FAST 100 Fr…
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Lots of numbers (swim practice)!

Lots of numbers and intervals in today’s practice…..for the primary, be sure to go long and smooth on the pulls, and push the 25s. The incremental rest on the 25s should allow for a greater effort as the rounds continue. WU-400 Fr 4×125 Fr as 50 choice drill + 75 Fr build on rest :20…
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Practice 7/25-Rain or shine, we swim!

Even with questionable weather today, here is a triathlon swim practice to help get you through the day- WU-200 Fr 4×75 Fr on rest :20 as 25 drill/25 slow Fr/25 uptempo **Be sure to keep the focus of the drill your focus for the swimming 25s Primary-2 rounds 2×150 Fr on rest :30 (hold same…
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Tri Swim Practice 6/20-alternating speed and control

Here is a triathlon swim practice for 6/20 focusing on alternating speed with controlled swims. WU-50 Fr-100 Fr-150 Fr-200 Fr on rest :20/:15/:10/- 8×50 on rest :30 alternating as odds-kick/swim and evens-drill/swim. Be sure to pick a drill that relates to you! 3×100 on rest :20 as 75 build/5 seconds rest/25 uptempo Primary 2x {25…
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Open water swim season is here!

This week begins the 2018 open water swim season here in the Capital Region. This Thursday, 5/31, the Bethlehem Tri Club will be having their first open water swim session of the year at Warner’s Lake, and one week from today, June 5th, the Capital District Tri Club will be having their first open water training…
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