Tri Swim Practice, June 12th

Another Wednesday, another swim practice. Today we will be focusing on condensing our rest interval while holding a consistent pace.

Triathlon Swim Practice May 1st

We’re ready to kick off May the right way….today’s triathlon swim practice focuses on steady descends over varying distances.

Tri Swim 1/30

It’s cold outside, but about to even colder tomorrow. Here is a practice to help warm up your body and mind.

Efficiency by tracking stroke count and time

Today’s practice focuses on efficiency by tracking both stroke count and time in the primary set. WU-300 as 50 Fr/50 Kick/50 pull x2 Primary 100s efficiency challenge 3 sets of 3×100 Fr on rest :20 1-3: Count strokes, try and be within 1-2 strokes on each 100 4-6: Get time, try and be within 1-2…
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Swim practice 12/13

Today’s practice brought to you by WINTER! Its finally here….. WU-200 Fr/200 Pull/100 Kick [500] 4×50 drill/swim by 25 (your choice of drill-make it worthwhile!) on rest :20 2×25 overkick Freestyle on rest :15 3×50 drill/swim by 25 on rest :20 2×25 overkick Freestyle on rest :15 2×50 drill/swim by 25 on rest :20 2×25…
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12/6 Swim Practice

Another mid week practice for everyone looking to get a running start for 2018! WU-200 Fr/100 pull/100 Fr/50 pull Pre-set 2×75 as 25 kick/50 Fr on rest :20 4×25 Fr descend 1-4 through your kick on rest :15 2×50 as 25 kick/25 Fr on rest :20 4×25 (same as above) 2×25 Kick on rest :20…
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Thanks-swimming practice

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, here is a practice to help you work that turkey off! WU-200 Fr 3 rounds of: 1×50 kick/Fr by 25 on rest :20 1×50 drill/Fr by 25 on rest :20 1×50 Fr on rest :20 **Keep the drill the same for all 3 rounds and make sure it is applicable to a…
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