Dryland Considerations for Replacing the Pool

In this blog post, we discuss the factors that play a role when creating a dryland workout program to replace the pool, and what to consider when trying to stay in shape for swimming.

Triathlon Swim Practice 1/22

After surviving the first snow storm of 2020, here is swim practice to help us celebrate and prepare ourselves for the next inevitable snow fall!

Triathlon Swim Practice 1/8

Six 200s for our triathlon swimmers is the meat and potatoes of our primary set. Controlling speed is (of course) a main objective, as well as sprinkling in a bit of speed work to round out a work hard Wednesday!

First Fall swim practice post!

Starting off the new swim season, here is a triathlon swim practice to help you adjust to life back in the water….

Tri Swim Practice 5/22-Final Countdown

Open water swim season is practically upon us. Here is one more practice to help in the final preparation stages of training.

Triathlon Swim Practice May 1st

We’re ready to kick off May the right way….today’s triathlon swim practice focuses on steady descends over varying distances.

Triathlon Swim Practice 2/20

Work off some of those Valentines day sweets with this practice. The primary focuses on various ways to change speeds within a swim…enjoy!

Tri Swim Practice 2/13

Pre-Valentines Day gift for everyone following our swim practices: