Triathlon Swim Practices Resource!

With swimming pools beginning to reopen in the Capital District, and open swim times becoming more and more frequency, we here at Excel Aquatics feel that it is important to provide swimmers with some direction as they kick start their indoor pool training!

June 2020 BellyFlop Newsletter

Check out our newest edition of the monthly BellyFlop, with program updates for backyard swim lessons and private coaching!

4 Tips for Breathing when Swimming Freestyle

Breathing while swimming Freestyle is a skill! Here are 4 tips to help triathlon and competitive swimmers become more effective at breathing while training.

Triathlon and Competitive Swim Videos!

Excel Aquatics is excited to begin creating videos for our YouTube channel! Even though the pools are currently shutdown, this does not mean we cannot look to improve from an educational standpoint, and make changes to our swim training once it starts back up.

Tri Swim Practice 12/11

Here is a practice focusing on Freestyle drill resets between the blocks of our primary.

Triathlon Swim Practice 11/20

8 days until Thanksgiving means we have to ramp up our swim practice training to ensure we have enough room for Turkey!!!

Triathlon Swim Practice 10/30

Today’s practice focuses on 4 blocks for the main set, alternating between longer repeats and speed work!

Tri Swim Practice, June 12th

Another Wednesday, another swim practice. Today we will be focusing on condensing our rest interval while holding a consistent pace.

Tri Swim Practice 4/10

Second April swim practice of 2019! Who is ready for some 25s….?