The (almost) snow day practice

On this (almost) blizzard day, here is a practice to get moving begin thinking more about open water swimming! Per our major theme this winter, the goal of this practice is to control your speed, particularly with your legs. Kicking is/has developed into a must in the sport of swimming, regardless of the distance, BUT controlling that kick depending on your style of swimming is equally, if not more important than just the kick itself. Today, make sure you lay off the legs on the easier swims, and build your swims with your legs in the negative splits without over working them….its a tough balance, but well worth the practice.

WU-400 Fr, every 3rd length choice drill

3 rounds of:

2×50 as 25 kick/25 Fr on rest :20

100 Fr on rest :20 descend by round


Primary (2 rounds)

150 Fr negative split on rest :15 + 4×25 Fr descend 1-4 on rest :15

100 Fr negative split on rest :15 + 4×25 FAST on rest :15

50 Fr negative split on rest :15 + 4×25 on rest :15 as build each 25 (start off slow, build to a fast finish)

300 pull alt 50 uptempo/25 EZ on rest :30

2800 + WD