Final Tri Swim Practice of 2019

With the end of 2019 here, and the start of 2020, here is a final swim practice for everyone who helped make this past year the best one yet!


300 Fr on rest :20
200 Pull on rest :15
100 kick/swim on rest :10


6×25 Fr on rest :20 as 
#1 choice drill
#2-#3 descend 
**Reset with the 25 drill, and apply the change you are looking to make on 25s 2 and 3, especially as you increase your intensity**


16×25-every 4th fast on :30 or rest :15
100 pull ez
4×75 Fr as 50 build/:05 rest/25 FAST on rest :20
75 pull ez
4×50-odds long and controlled; evens FAST on rest :20
50 pull ez
4×25-as 12.5 FAST/12.5 EZ
25 pull ez

Warmdown-Push off, swim to the opposite set of flags, then get out 

Total: 2020 yards