‘Last set ever’ practice

Many years ago as a high school swimmer, the senior group on my club team (led by the head coach of the team) got into an interesting discussion about beneficial swim sets, and if you could only swim one more set for the rest of your swimming career, what would it be? Well, today’s main set is inspired by that conversation, and blends different indicators of speed and efficiency into a fairly simple set. Enjoy!

WU-200 Fr/150 pull/100 kick/swim by 25

3 rounds of:
2×25 choice drill on rest :20
50 Fr on rest :20-APPLY THE DRILL

Primary (Last Set EVER)

3×100 Fr on rest :20, get your stroke count for #1 and hold it for 2-3

4×50 pull on rest :15, long and controlled

3×100 Fr on rest :20, get your time for #1, and hold it for 2-3

8×25 Fr on rest :15, descend 1-4, 5-8

3×100 Fr on rest :20, try and match your stroke count from the first block, AND your time from the second block on each 100

200 WD

2250 Total