Negative splits and descends

Today’s triathlon swim practice calls for negative splitting and descend swims-

WU-200 Fr-100Kick/swim by 25-100 Fr

Primary-for this set, be sure to track your descended 50s, and try to replicate your fastest descended pace time for each round
400 Fr negative split as 200/5 seconds rest/200 on rest :30
**For the negative split, make sure to not overswim the first 200

4×50 on rest :20 descend 1-4

300 Fr negative split as 150/5 seconds rest/150 on rest :30

3×50 on rest :20 descend 1-3

200 Fr negative split as 100/5 seconds rest/100 on rest :30

2×50 Fr descend 1-2 on rest :20

100 Fr negative split as 50/5 seconds rest/50 on rest :20

1×50 at your descended pace + 150 long and relaxed (focus on slowing down your breathing and lengthening out your stroke. Be sure to go right into the 150 after the 50 pace

2050 + WD