Practice 7/25-Rain or shine, we swim!

Even with questionable weather today, here is a triathlon swim practice to help get you through the day-

WU-200 Fr

4×75 Fr on rest :20 as 25 drill/25 slow Fr/25 uptempo
**Be sure to keep the focus of the drill your focus for the swimming 25s

Primary-2 rounds
2×150 Fr on rest :30 (hold same pace for both swims)
3×100 Fr descend 1-3 on rest :20 (get time for last 100)
6×50 Fr on rest :15, hold your 3rd 100 pace for each 50 (ie if you go 1:20 for your final 100, you must hold :40s for all 6 50s)

100 EZ between rounds
End-12×25 Fr on rest :20 ascend 1-4 (get slower 🙂 ) x 3

2900 + WD