Speed work!

Here is a practice dedicated to adding a little bit of speed to your swimming, while blending in some longer work in between…

WU-300 Fr/200 pull/100 Fr


300 Fr on rest :20-last 50 add a strong 6 beat kick to finish

12×50 on rest :30 as 2 FAST/1 EZ

**The fast 50s should be a pace that is as fast as possible that you are able to MAINTAIN throughout the duration of this set. I caution you to NOT sprint any of these 50s. For those who are comfortable with their pace cards, the equivalent effort level here is red**

2×150 Fr on rest :20-last 50 of each swim add a strong 6 beat kick to finish

9×50 on rest :30 as 2 FAST/1EZ

**Try and maintain the same times as the 12x50s**

3×100 Fr on rest :20-last 50 of each swim add a strong 6 beat kick to finish

6×50 as 2 FAST/1 EZ on :30

2850 + WD

Today’s primary (and only set) is a blend of speed work, and longer swims. Here are the goals for the set-

  1. Be consistent with your fast 50s. As we have been emphasizing for quite some time, consistency is key. Going full board sprint and struggling to hang on is not as beneficial as maintaining a desired time throughout.
  2. For the 300, 150s, and 100s, making sure you pick up that last 50 of each, even though you may be a bit fatigued from the fast 50s throughout the set. Learning to figure out a way to change gears at the end of a swim is an invaluable skill.
  3. Have fun swimming fast!