Summer Tri Swim Practice 7/11

Today’s practice is intended to work on increasing speed while decreasing distance-

WU-2×200 as 100 pull/100 Fr swim on rest :30
2×100 as 50 drill (choice)/50 Fr swim on rest :20
2×50 as 25 Kick/25 Free swim on rest :15

3x {1×50 slow, lengthen each stroke on rest :20
{1×50 as 25 lengthen/25 build on rest :20
{1×50 as uptempo on rest :20

**For this pre-set, focus on keeping your DPS (distance per stroke) as you increase your speed


2 rounds {1×200 Fr negative split on rest :30
{3×100 Fr at uptempo (pink) pace (get time-try and make all 3x100s the same) on rest :20
{5×50 Fr holding half of your 100 time minus :02 on rest :20
{100 pull active recovery

Total: 2850 + WD

Side note-if you need something to think about during practice, take a few minutes to appreciate that this set was posted on 7/11 (7-Eleven), which also happens to be the birth place of Slurpees, one of the greatest summer treats of all time…..