Swim Practice for 1/10

In competitive swimming, the principle of descending is used quite often as a tool to teach swimmers how to control their speed, and get faster (ie drop/descend time) on a group of repeats within a set. Particularly for longer sets, it is very tempting to go faster earlier in a swim because you feel ‘good’, but in time your body pays for that decision dearly. At Excel we have made it a point to consistently discuss the value of controlling your speed early in a swim/set, and increasing your level of effort and intensity throughout. It is always MUCH easier and more effective to start off easier and get faster, than start off too fast and either try and adjust down to a more reasonable speed, or just hang on.

Today’s practice is brought to you by the theme of DESCENDING 🙂

WU-200 Fr/100 pull/100 Fr/50 pull

4×100 Fr on :20 rest as

#1-1st 25 is kick

#2-2nd 25 is kick


#3-3rd 25 is kick

#4-4th 25 is kick

12×25 Fr on rest :15 as odds-smooth, evens-uptempo

Primary set

**For each group of swims, try to have #2 faster than #1, and #3 faster than #2**

3×150 Fr descend 1-3 on rest :20

150 Fr drill/swim by 25 on rest :30

3×100 Fr descend 1-3 on rest :20

100 Fr drill/swim by 25 on rest :30

6×50 Fr descend 1-3, 4-6 on rest :20

2×50 Fr on rest :30 as drill/swim by 25

8×25 descend 1-3, 4 is EZ x2 on rest :15

2750 + WD

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