Swim Practice 4/4

Here is a triathlon swim practice emphasizing building (ie starting a single swim slower and getting faster throughout to the finish). The point of the primary set is to force the builds in order to encourage energy conservation at the start of any swim….enjoy 🙂

WU-200 Fr/100 Kick/150 Fr/50 Kick (500 total)

16×25 Fr on rest :15 as-

1 and 2-Your choice of drill
**For the first 8x25s, stay with the same drill. After 8, you may switch to different drill if you choose. Be sure the drill is applicable to something you have personally been working on changing in your stroke. Take your time here and focus on that change**

3-easy Freestyle
4-uptempo Freestyle
**The purpose of the 3rd 25 is to apply the change that the drill emphasizes into the whole stroke, at a very easy, controlled pace. For the 4th 25, try and pick up your speed while maintaining that specific change**

Primary (2 rounds)

5×25 Fr on rest :15 as-

2-Last 3 strokes fast
3-Last 5 strokes fast
4-Last 7 strokes fast
5-Last 9 strokes fast

5×50 Fr on rest :20 as-

2-Last 12.5 yards fast
3-Last 25 fast
4-Last 37.5 yards fast
5-Whole 50 fast

5×100 Fr on rest :20 as-

2-Last 25 yards fast
3-Last 50 fast
4-Last 75 yards fast
5-Whole 100 fast

Again, the goal for this primary set is to take the EZ swims easy, so that each subsequent swim can have quality fast sections. Two key points for this set if you are looking to really challenge yourself-

  1. Go right from round 1 to round 2 without any rest. After that last fast 100, take your 20 seconds, then go right into the first (EZ) 25. Although it will be challenging, there is enough rest/easy swims built into the set to make this doable.
  2. Try and have your final fast swims (25, 50, and 100) faster in round 2 than in round 1. This is a good gauge to see how controlled you are able to stay, creating a balance of speed and pacing from round 1 to 2.

Total: 2650 + WD