Tri Swim 4/3

The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and swimmers are training hard! Here is a practice to help you finish off the week.

WU-300 Fr/200 Pull/100 Kick

16×25 on rest :15 as 

#1-Underwater recovery freestyle (ie extended dog paddle)-working on feeling the pressure of the water on your catch
#2-4-Descend the three 25s while focusing on that catch

50 Fr on rest :15 (get time)
100 Pull on rest :15
150 Fr on rest :15 (get time)
200 Pull on rest :15
3×50 Fr on rest :20 (hold time from before)
100 Pull on rest :20
3×150 Fr on rest :20 (hold time from before)
200 Pull on rest :20

2400 + WD