Tri Swim Practice 6/13

Today’s practice is fairly simple (a warm up then a primary set) with a little bit of everything. For the primary, the main focus is the 4x50s. The 100s as 75/25 are more of a ‘preset’ for the 50s and an opportunity to get your mental state in a place to optimize the 50s. The 2x200s pull and 100 drill/swim are opportunities to slow things down, and focus on one or two technical changes that require a bit of extra attention.

WU-100 Fr/25 Kick/75 Fr/25 Kick/50 Fr/25 Kick/25 Fr/25 Kick

Primary (2 rounds)

3×100 Fr on rest :20 as 75 build/5 seconds rest/25 uptempo

4×50 Fr FAST on rest :30
**Goal is to hold fastest pace possible; each 50 should be within 1 second of each other for consistency

**Rest an extra :30 after the final 50 to transition into the next portion of the set

2×200 Fr pull on rest :20

1×100 Fr as 25 drill/25 swim

Rest 1:00 between rounds

Total :2350 + WD