Tri Swim Practice 8/22

With summer winding down and the days inevitably becoming shorter, here is a tri swim practice to brighten your spirits and sharpen your mind-

WU-5×100 alternate Fr and Pull on rest :15

8×25 Fr on rest :30-odds are slow balance up off the wall, evens are uptempo (but still establishing that line each 25)

Primary (2 rounds)

3×150 on rest :30 as
1-100 Fr/50 Pull
2-100 Pull/50 Kick
3-100 Kick/50 Pull

3×50 Fr descend 1-3 on rest :20
**descend by 1-2 seconds per 50

4×75 as 25 drill/50 Fr on rest :20
**Slow down here, choose a drill that applies to you, and work on that stroke change in the following 50

Total: 2500 + WD

With the Fall right around the corner, this time of year/season is a great opportunity to not only reflect on your training, but also begin preparing for next season, both from a preparation standpoint, as well as mentally.

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