Triathlon Swim Practice 3/6

Spring is in the air! In a couple of weeks all of the snow will have melted, and there will only be sunshine and rainbows in upstate New York. Here is a swim practice to help get us there!

WU-300 Fr/200 Pull/100 Kick

Pre-set, 2 rounds
**Change the drill swum between rounds 1 and 2, be sure to make it applicable to you!**

4×25 choice drill on rest :20
2×50 Fr whole stroke on rest :20
2×25 as 12.5 drill/12.5 Fr on rest :20
1×50 Fr whole stroke on rest :20

1×25 Pull, DPS on rest :15
1×100 Fr on rest :20, get base time
1×50 Pull, DPS on rest :15 
2×100 Fr on rest :20, descend 1-2 starting with base time
1×75 Pull, DPS on rest :15
3×100 Fr on rest :20, descend 1-3 starting with base time
1×100 Pull, DPS on rest :15
4×100 Fr on rest :20, descend 1-4 starting with base time
**For descend, try and drop :02-:03 per 100. The goal is to stay controlled, and increase speed without overextending or adding time at any point**

2450 + WD