Triathlon Swim Practice 1/8

Six 200s Freestyle for our triathlon swimmers is the meat and potatoes of our primary set. Controlling speed is (of course) a main objective, as well as sprinkling in a bit of speed work to round out a work hard Wednesday!

WU: 200 Fr

{2×25 as 12.5 kick/12.5 Fr on rest :20
{1×50 Fr build on rest :20
**Keep the kick light and relaxed for the 25s; for the 50s, use your legs to build**

Primary [2100]

3×200 Fr on rest :15, descending 1-3
**Treat this block as a 600 with a bit (:15) of rest between each 200. Make sure that each 200 is faster than the previous one…**

{25 uptempo on rest :10
{50 Fr on rest :20

Rest :30

2×200 Fr on rest :15, descend 1-2
4×75 Fr pull on rest :30, long and controlled recovery

Rest :30

1×200 Fr on rest :15, negative split
12×25 Fr on rest :20, descend 1-4, three times through

2600 + WD