Triathlon Swim Practice 9/25

Week 3 of our posted swim practices is upon us… we are getting back in shape, keep in mind that stroke changes and fitness go hand in hand. The fitter you get, the easier it will become to make lasting changes that are sustainable during bouts of hard work and fatigue. Only looking to improve technique, or only looking to improve your physical fitness in the water will lower your ultimate potential in the pool….both must consistently be worked on in unison.

WU-300 Fr/200 Pull/100 Kick

4×75 Fr on rest :30 as:
25 right arm only
25 left arm only
25 full stroke
**For here, focus on the timing of your breath in relation to each arm separately, as well as alternating**

3 rounds of 4×25 on rest :20 as
#1-12.5 FAST/12.5 EZ
#2-12.5 EZ/12.5 FAST

2 rounds of:
125 Fr as 25 choice drill/100 Fr build on rest :20
125 Fr as 100 Fr build/25 kick on rest :30
6×50 Fr alternate as odds long and controlled on rest :10, evens uptempo on rest :20
**Rest 1:00 between rounds

2300 + WD