Triathlon Swim Practices Resource!

With swimming pools beginning to reopen in the Capital District, and open swim times becoming more and more frequency, we here at Excel Aquatics feel that it is important to provide swimmers with some direction as they kick start their indoor pool training!

Already up and running, we have created a Facebook Training Group where each week, three practices are posted. These practices are structured in the following ways:

  1. Each practice is broken up into two options, being 60 minute and 30 minute lengths of time. This way, depending on time limitations at the pools, each swimmer can accomplish a practice from start to finish!
  2. Each week, there is a technical focal point that is linked via YouTube video. That point (either a drill or specific focus) is incorporated into each of the three practices. Just because someone is swimming alone does not mean they cannot continue to improve their technical skills.
  3. Only rest intervals are used for each swim, meaning that the practices are not tied to one specific speed, but can be tailored to the speed of anyone.

Our training group online is open to anyone and everyone! You do not need to be a swimmer who trains with Excel Aquatics, so join in and take advantage of some structured practices this Fall!